West Coast Skateparks


West Coast Skateparks is a resource designed to give back to the skateboarding community. It provides comprehensive, up to date, and interactive information intended to get skateboarders to skateparks and promote the exchange of information and opinions. Users have the ability to browse skateparks, search, log favorites and visits, and share ratings and reviews.


Ruby on Rails, RSpec, Capybara-webkit, jQuery, Semantic UI, AWS S3, Google Maps API, Travis CI, Code Climate, Heroku


  • Architected PostgreSQL DB to store skatepark and user data such as images, ratings, reviews, and favorites
  • Instituted user authorization using Facebook API and Google API to allow users to seamlessly signup/signin
  • Implemented Paperclip and AWS S3 storage to house associated user and skatepark images remotely
  • Integrated Google Maps API to render interactive maps containing regional markers with infowindow and link
  • Utilized RSpec for unit testing and Capybara-webkit for feature testing to achieve 100% test coverage
  • Designed navigation, form validations, and modals for search and sign-in using Semantic UI and custom CSS/SASS



San Francisco, CA